Unleashing the ideavirus

Find powerful sneezers and beg, cajole, bribe them to use tool. Paperback , pages. In creating an ideavirus, the advertiser creates an environment in which the idea can replicate and spread. The steps to follow are easy and logical.

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Some people ca This book dates from and he is still right about most of what he talks about. Nothing stays completely ideavirs for that long but the message still rings true. The steps to follow are easy and logical. Seth Godin refers to the ideas in the book and how he wants them to spread. Describe an attainable path.

Make it clear to the promiscuous sneezer that the system can be gamed: How smooth is the transfer of the ideavirus? Things ideaviruses have in common: Go full viral - E. Nobody is going to spread your idea as a favor. Make it smooth for the powerful - Identify the powerful members of a hive and make it as easy as possible for them to tell others in the hive about an ideavirus.

Unleashing the Ideavirus [Book Summary]

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this file. Connectors, Mavens, and Salespeople. Quotes from Unleashing the Id This book has given me the tools to come up with those ideas. Although many of the stories in this decade-old book are dated, their lessons are still relevant.

Have we figured out what we want the sneezers to say? One of the strategies that Godin believes will create and support an ideavirus is persistence. Give the successful ones a way to show the non-sneezers it worked. Just like the author proposes, the ideas and the techniques or the ideavirus as the author calls idexvirus - ideavirus is known as memes to laypeople in the book are a little past their prime.

At regular intervals through the book the following appears and it is highlit in bright yellow. Seth Godin explores how to turn a good business idea into an infectious "ideavirus" that spreads like wildfire. To make an idea spread worthy you have to make it interesting enough to be talked about. An ideavirus adores a vacuum. Instead, the future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other.

You must be brave and bold in creation of products and ideagirus.

Other small businesses will likely have the same challenge applying the lessons. The companies that he mentions might not be relevant anymore, but they certainly were back in their heyday.

Incent powerful sneezers 4. Once you have an interesting idea the next step is to identify the people it matters most to. Stay up to date!

Unleashing the Ideavirus [Book Summary]

But otherwise some real good thoughts in this book! To summarize the author in his own words "Marketing by interrupting people isn't cost effective any more. Stop Marketing AT People!

The author explains in more detail the importance of finding the right hive, finding the right people to expose your idea to, figuring out what you want people to say about your ieavirus, making the idea easily spreadable, and amazing your audience so they will keep it growing.

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