Pallet ghasedak

Iranian Selection Pallet Band. Tamame Natamam Pallet Band. Aghaie Banafsh Pallet Band. An unexpected error has been encountered.

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Our songwriting is the result of interactions between five people … there is no right or wrong interpretation. Darse Olum The Science Lesson. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Az Sarzamin haye Sharghi [BehMusic. What is oallet songwriting process? For instance, a group of our close friends has formed a competition trying to cover different styles of music in Iran e.

Pallett - Naro Beman.

Pallett's lyrics & chords

Baz Baran Rain Again. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Wals Shomareye 1 Waltz No. Personally, I love Balkan Klezmer, and I have practiced this style a lot. Moghadameye Khosrowo Shirin Intro. Can you place it in a specific category? Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Vagabond "Khaneh Be Doosh".

We never followed a specific style. Since we all had different personalities and characters, we [felt] we resembled the chromatic paints on a palette, forming a bigger colour spectrum.

I recommended Mahyar and Kaveh [join us], and we, along with Khatereh Hakimi at the time, started practicing together.

Pallett Band

If you listen to our second album, you might only find two tracks in common with [those on] the first one. Always play videos fullscreen. Top Tracks Top Artists. Remember your video choices.

Kaveh started playing along in a Latin style, I added parts on clarinet, others contributed as well, and — voila! The Ghasedal of Tehran. Iranian Selection Pallet Band.

Want to watch more videos for this song? Darse Oloom va Hezar ta Ghese.

I, personally, do not mind if our music is labeled pop. Mr Violet Pallet Band. As for the lyrics, we all contribute, otherwise Ghasedaak and Kaveh write them.

Pallett's lyrics & chords

Tamame Natamam Pallet Band. As I mentioned before, the music itself guides us. You might know the band H. Mahyar and I go way back.

Life Under A Rock. To watch videos non-fullscreen:

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