Too bad it draws so much power. Sat Nov 12, 4: I'll be making a chart for each her laptop and mine to show the maximum clock speed attainable with each bump in voltage. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. It is the time the processor takes to switch from one P-State to the next lower P-State.

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Mobile Llano overclocking via K10STAT

The k01stat for the Processor. Fri Jul 13, 6: The bottom two settings use the same amount of voltage, which means the difference in power usage will be minimal going MHz to MHz if the voltage is identical. I'm shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone. I thought it was okay to fire up my bread and butter 32bit installation.

Anonymous March 14, at 4: Also it was always my third core that failed first. Wed K10stta 09, 5: Jan 3, Posts: The mobile A series has P-states and multiplier changes are possible I just recently grabbed an HP with an Am for dirt cheap and wanted to see what type of long term settings are working for you.

Control clock of all cores together Criterion is most loaded core. I'll add a backlink to your forum.

I think I'll give this a go on a crappy little V Wed Nov 09, 8: At on this occasion I was while attending college and sharing a town-home with good friend. Thu Nov 10, 9: Dammit, that's one of things I forgot to try when I setup my HP gdx over the weekend. I did this with mine when I first got it, but being able to test two different ones gives a good idea of what you can expect from different computers featuring that chip.

The A desktop chip doesn't have P-states, and also can't have any multiplier changes. I just want to update a few things on this thread, I bought an NV55S03u Gateway just when these APU's began coming out, unfortunately it only had a G graphics processor and I wanted a slightly better one for my laptop. To give an example: A Guide to Increase Power Efficiency.

With such granular increases MHz it'll be safe to say the next step down should be stable. At this voltage, 3. So, AMD is extremely generous on voltage when it comes to stock settings.

Download K10Stat

I'd go with MHz. Sat Nov 12, 4: Fri Feb 24, 3: Thu Nov 10, The chip will do some thermal throttling if left at that m10stat for very long because it will exceed 90C, but as a boost frequency it works very nicely.

Here are the default settings for my chip, an AM: I started at 0.

The l10stat important thing with this setting is that only P0 the full power state changes with your settings in the BIOS. Sadly, I had to give the Gateway k10stay to its owner before I could actually perform the in-depth testing I wanted to. The A6 and A8 processors, from what I've been reading, are very responsive to overclocking, making the entire system much more responsive and with almost no additional voltage if any in some cases, slight overclocking is possible WITH undervolting simultaneously.

Here were my findings:

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