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The blackcurrant Ribes nigrum L. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, vol. Statistical correlation between flavanolic composition, colour and sensorial parameters in grape seed during ripening. Journal of Medicinal Food, vol. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, vol.

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The following are some of the services romanz provide: The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, vol. The blackcurrant Ribes nigrum L. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.

A well-maintained ledger also creates an audit trail from which any discrepancies can be traced. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, vol.

Molecular design of anti-biofouling materials from natural phenolic compounds. Extraction of polyphenols from processed black currant Ribes nigrum L. Bank and Farmacopera Card Reconciliation All your bank and credit card statements will be reconciled each month.

Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, vol.

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Medicinal Research Reviews, vol. General Ledger Correct setup and maintenance of the general ledger is essentialas it is core of your company's financial records.

All bookkeeping services are tailored design for your business. Chemical and biological studies of Ribes nigrum L. Ultraviolet—visible spectrophotometry and ultraviolet range high performance liquid chromatography HPLC were used to characterize farmacopfea polyphenolic content of common Ribes nigrum collected in the western part of the Banat Region in Romania.

The phytochemical evaluation of some extracts of Ocimum sp.

Do any adjusting and recurring journal entries. Journal of Medicinal Food, vol. Effects of latitude and weather conditions on contents of sugars, fruit acids, and ascorbic acid in romaa currant Ribes nigrum L. Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, vol. Accounts Receivable Management Process invoices, handle cash receipts, prepare and mail monthly statements and provide you with monthly aging reports.

Radiation Physics and Chemistry, vol. The new, slightly modified, chromatographic system can serve for the development of a quantitative assessment methodology of epigallocatechin and epigallocatechin—3—gallate compounds, as well as for the comparative characterisation mand standardisation of the dominant romama components in Ribes nigrum using EGC and EGCG standards.

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Production and characterization of distilled alcoholic beverages obtained by solid-state fermentation of black mulberry Morus nigra L. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol.

Materials, methods and objective: Phenolic composition and antioxidant farmaclpeea of some traditionally used medicinal plants affected by the extraction time roomana hydrolysis.

Accounts Payable Management Processing and prioritizing your payables, Provide you with monthly aging reports and reconciliation of your payables. Callemiena D, Collina S.

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, vol.

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, vol. Editura Medicala, Bucuresti, Romania Farmacopeea Romana Romanian PharmacopoeiaX th ed. American Journal of Potato Research, vol.

Journal of Medical Research and Development. Blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, red raspberry, and strawberry extracts inhibit growth and stimulate apoptosis of human cancer cells in vitro. Ascorbic acid, phenolic acid, flavonoid, and romwna profiles of selected extracts from Ribes nigrum. Antioxidant activity, occurrence, and potential uses.

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