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In he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Suffering from several illnesses at the same time, Shamlou's physical condition deteriorated in His thirteen-volume Ketab-e Koucheh The Book of Alley is a major contribution in understanding the Iranian folklore beliefs and language. He also wrote fiction and screenplays, contributing to children's literature, and journalism.

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Inhe was awarded the Freedom of Expression prize by Human Rights Watch for his efforts to fight oppression and promote human rights. He rejoined the Union of Iranian Writers and began publishing a new periodical, Ketab-e Jom'e to great success.

He was also a professional journalist, earning most of his living by editing literary and political magazines. Oct 22, Bolks French Translations has been added to translation section.

He was also re-elected as member of the Writer's Union's leadership.

Ahmad Shamlou

Zia Movahedpoet and philosopher commented that "Anyone who reads Fresh Air today can see that this language, this texture, is different from anything else. Journey in the mist dhamloo, Negah Publication.

Shamlu's main concern in his work remained suffering and injustice. For infrastructure and impact, he uses a kind of everyday imagery in which personified oxymoronic elements are spiked with an unreal combination of the bolks and the concrete thus far unprecedented in Persian poetry, which distressed some of the admirers of more traditional poetry.

Ahmad Shamlou's poetic vision accords with both western Modernist concepts and the modern transformation of classical Persian poetry. His third collection of poems, Metals and Sensewas banned and destroyed by the police.

Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. You can find recording of his poetry, in his own voice, in almost every Iranian home.

He also wrote fiction and screenplays, contributing to children's literature, and journalism. He was fascinated by Nima Yushij, generally regarded as the father of Shamkoo "new poetry", and by a variety of foreign poets: Vahshi Bafqi — 'Orfi Shirazi.

PoetEncyclopedia and Journalism. Shortly after his release, he was arrested again - together with his father - by the separatist local government of Azerbaijan.

Obituary: Ahmad Shamlu

In contemporary poetry, few have accomplished this kind of rhythm as Shamlou has. His initial poetry was influenced by and in the tradition of Nima Youshij. There was a special gathering in Toronto of Iranian abmad and critics sha,loo discuss Shamlou's contribution to Persian poetry.

Shamlou's poetry is complex, yet his imagery, which contributes significantly to the intensity of his poems, is simple. Fresh Air Ayda in the Mirror Ayda: We must hide our Lights in dark closets! In the early days of the Islamic revolution, young men and women were sent into boooks streets to enforce the moral code of the shari'a or religious law, in some cases acting violently and excessively.

He showed inclinations toward socialist ideology. Mahmud Saba Kashani — Even though his focus is the purity of such individuals, many of whom were his close friends, Shamlou writes his elegiac poems boldly and does not hold back from criticizing and denouncing hypocrisy and cruelty of his society.

Obituary: Ahmad Shamlu | Books | The Guardian

He got a job in the Hungarian embassy as their cultural advisor. Inhe left his country as a form of protest against censorship and the suffocating political atmosphere.


A Book Review "Ayene-ye Bamdad". His complete collection of poems was printed in Germany, and he returned to Iran. Inhe started to write in a literary monthly called Sokhan-no. He had turned into a myth years ago.

Some New Books and Tapes has been added to shamlu's bookstore. January Click [show] shamlo important translation instructions. He has also written a number of plays, edited the works of major classical Persian poets, especially Hafiz.

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