Hector lavoe juanito alimana

The session feels like a family affair, which seems to be the case wherever Joe goes even when it's just him alone with three strangers following him around. He's talking about the amount of archive tapes he got, old tapes Fania catalog tracks with individual sections could be isolated and remastered, you reimagined, recombined. Joe became the DJ Store and gave weekly parties that drew a diverse group of devoted music lovers. Michael Rucker, a DJ to another

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I wanted people to feel the love and hectpr we all have for this man, so that's why it has such a cosmic, spiritual intro.

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He grew up a few blocks from Fifth Avenue, a busy street that adjoins a cozy neighborhood known as Park Slope. And I really wanted it to reflect on the process of working on this whole project. He talks about it with a slightly awed tone reserved for a project for which he listened back to his past and literally held history in his hands.

But from my original attempt to beef up the groove, I added more percussion and new Rhodes electric-piano lines to compliment the original Rhodes chords.

This was something miraculous anduviese still out there, and the history of all these things is wonderful. The music will continue in seconds. Or get the Slacker Radio App to play this station -- and hundreds more! I heard it in the car one afternoon on the way to give an oil change, while driving on Prospect Park West, and I fell for him.

Because this was recorded in the late 60s, many original sections as these were buried in the mix, perhaps because they were produced for listening caseramente. Everything up where chords say "exodus" was created as a tribute. Seal Productions are fluid - with African rhythms, Brazilian, Latin and Middle Eastern that cross genres of disco, jazz, house and electronic music.

It came to me like a clue in the multi-track from another song he had asked, and when I heard the singing of the thought, "With this I can do something themselves.

Héctor Lavoe - Juanito Alimaña lyrics + English translation

The original is very minimalist: Corner delis spit out people sipping grape soda and scratching off lottery tickets: My hat goes off to Michael Rucker for his guidance with all of this as well. One person singing is Liliana Santamaria, Mongo's daughter. The reason why I suggested that we used it was to give this project a real sense today, something new and something now that fits into the idea of "hammock house".

We just stopped the music because you haven't touched alimama player in a while. Sorry to interrupt -- we wanted to confirm you're still listening. They took for granted a lot of the technical part. He grew up a few blocks from 5th Avenue, a teeming thoroughfare on the edge of a homey neighborhood known as Park Slope. Vigilante Fania Producer: I wanted to mix it live so you get more of a human feel from it, to stay true to the texture of this music.

Have you ever seen an old studio-session tape reel?

Héctor Lavoe - Juanito Alimaña - Karaoke Cover Version sur Orange Vidéos

His first full-length album itself was Language. I really loved it, so I just wanted to extend it, and I remember saying then, "Man, I really wish I could get the multi-track for this and do something with it.

Although he had not released a formal album sincelavod was still considered a top priority at Fania, he even gets a cameo role playing himself in The Last Fight.

Jai was thrilled when I said I was going to be part of this. Scribbled names appear in the top right corner, with cryptic notes that mark other important parts of what appears to be a hot and complicated Latin melody. New York originated the Sacred Rhythm party, designed to bring together artists house with artists who perform live in an intimate setting.

My mother would turn us on to all the Latin jams. Michael Rucker, a DJ to another His first encounter with the world of DJs was in their own neighborhood, at parties and meetings of the association of his block. Maybe some of them might hear this and get turned on. Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser's toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled.

Each project will communicate in their own language, rhythms and ideas that can only be the product of such a creative mind like yours.

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