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Manage all your leads, contacts, compan Documentation Only very simple information, not detailed enough for doing anything but very ordinary tasks. Nothing is too much trouble and it's enthusiasm all the way. Support No one answer.

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Fantastic component, fantastic support. Ease of use Poor documentation. GPLv2 or later Type: CRMery must be installed for this plugin to function.

CRMery Lead Notifier

They seem really open to suggestions. We can't trial it, and don't know for sure if it will install on a Windows mySQL Joomla latest system. Purchase Now Fine Print: The only con that I can see is setting categories for specific items deals, people. If you are interested in bulk purchases, or becoming a reseller simply contact This email address is being protected from spambots. Documentation Documentation is available but a bit thin or disjointed.

Hi! Our Name is CRMery

The setup is easy. Value for money Support didn't respondso i was not able to purchase. Get CRMery Form v1. In this case, you have jokmla manually check the developer site to download and install new versions with new features, enhancements, security or bug fixes.

The Plan Finally, after many years of planning and observing I undertook the daunting task of creating a better open source CRM. Experience the incredible power of a Joomla! Unlike some of the other stand alone CRMS, my employees would have had a ccrmery time navigating around. CRMery, is mobile, has different levels for sales team members and is intgrated directly with the Joomla website system making it the best sales management solution currently available.

No more guessing who is getting things done and making it happen. Value for money It's reasonable priced. Posted on 07 September I have watched in both curiosity and dismay as I've watched brand-new crmmery, cell phones, and all types of electronic gadgets into the steel blades of destruction.

Value for money I'm still determining financial ROI.

This is the pro option, the fix and solution all in one. Get access to everything we have to offer for a complete Joomla! This is not a testament to being lazy, or lacking words of excitement, but rather this is the product where I know that my questions will be answered by a human, for a human, without much crmert.

Recently we released a major new version, CRMery Version 2. In this case, you have to manually check the developer site to download and install new versions with new features, enhancements, security or bug fixes.

I have worked with sugarcrm a couple years ago before joomls went commercially oriented, then switched to vTiger which has excellent integration with Joomla, BUT vTiger is a little TOO difficult for beginners to learn in my own opinion.

Be prepared for a lot of set up and communication back and forth with support.

CRMery, by CRMery Support - Joomla Extension Directory

Its being 2 weeks of pleasure, great support and the tool is just the right one for the purpose. This plugin requires CRMery to be installed.

However because we release software for Joomla! Spend the money upfront, because your time is actually worth more than you think. Posted on 28 August Store your own data safely and securely on your own server and under your complete control, works natively in your Joomla! Cory Hofstad RevolutionaryTechnology 1.

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