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Follow me on Twitter. The same could be said of Angry Birds: The background was filled with large spots of darker colour absolutely no yellow and Pudsey was made from layers of smaller spots. They have an old laptop at home and use it for half an hour each per day and to help them with any homework. Lots of fun with Misty Island Rescue.

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Pupils can record motion or use the timeline slider to get their images moving. Bev's adventures in ICT. But simply speaking about your ideas, directly onto a digital recorder or another device, like an Easi-Speak microphonecan be a revelation for those children who have difficulty with traditional recording methods.

You will need to play around with it though — not all the brush styles are suitable and it might take a bit of time and error to get the look you want. This has been done in PowerPoint but could just as easily be completed in Publisher or even Word. You might like to create some mosaic style images: The themes were good too: Not that there is a 2simp,e of narrative going on in these: The same could be said of Angry Birds: Bev's WaffleFun Stuff.

Drawing and Painting | 2Simple

Using pictures and bullet points might suit others. ICT can be a good way in when it comes to getting boys engaged in learning.

Follow me on Twitter. Sound Affects We all know that pupils need choice when it comes to recording and plan their ideas. The picture below uses autoshapes to create an image of Pudsey.

2Paint a Picture

From an inclusion point of view there are a number of other programs available that allow pupils to record spoken content directly onto their work: So far, so average. It was pleasing to see that the apps pkcture had remembered from last time and wanted to revisit were mostly story based apps: Every pupils I have shared this with has been thrilled with the independence it has given them.

You can add your own backgrounds and make adjustments to the clip art provided. The overall effect makes Pudsey look lovely and fluffy as putting the spots close together gives the image some texture. You can save what you create. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are a number of simple tutorials for this online but basically the program allows pupils to import photos, add basic effects, text, music and narration to make a short movie.

You can set a black background and add colours on top and it looks very pleasing, albeit a bit more muted in tone than the 2Paint a Picture images. The printed out images make a nice colourful display and parents coming into the classroom can see exactly what their child created — lovely!

2Paint a Picture | 2Simple

As picfure boys and other grandchildren have enjoyed them so much I had supplemented them with a few more, some of which would be great to use in the classroom. Puppet Pals is always popular. This also means you might be looking for some fun activities linked to Pudsey Bear so here are a few ideas. He loves how he pictre make the characters really big or small and work this into the story.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications 2painh new posts by email. This is one way of making sure 2wimple contributions are as valued as everyone else. But what I really thought you might like was another quick clip art tutorial showing how to make simple poppy images using Autoshapes. Always busy, always curious and they say what they think too Miss…I like your dress, miss. Both Pie Corbett and Tim Rylands give inspiring insets on storytelling, poetry, using Myst, and getting kids interested and there are plenty more people who do the same thing.

Some pupils, however, find that transition difficult: They also enjoyed Rumble in the Jungle:

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