Dmitry Semenovr June 5, at I believe RoyalSlider is one of them. Example of initializing slider with thumbnails options: Also, there is an API and instructions to add another video sources. Dmitry, When a client indicates a problem, the first solution is to ask them what steps they took.

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If required, you can disable mouse dragging completely. Modular Script architecture royalsliddr you to create your own version of the script using online tool and include in build only features that you need. If you set it to 0, only one slide will be kept in the display list at once.

Example of slider with deep linking module: This also helps them prevent being too tied into this marketplace, allowing them to breakaway in the future and without leaving all the support knowledgebase behind. We Use and Recommend: You can riyalslider more about slide types in next sections of documentation.

Dmitry, Thank you for your response. This type of feedback could also be averted through walkthrough testing. Used to check if event is drag or click.

Video YouTube or Vimeo. Knowledge Base Support desk with video tutorials and documentation. Same trick can be done when transition is set to fade, or in image gallery when image scale mode is set to 'none'.

If this were real copy, it would have ended long ago.

Used for responsive design. Adds global caption element to slider, royalslier more in the global caption section of documentation. I will have to let all my clients and students know royalslideg this is not a plugin for them unless they want to pay me to code. Slides count starts from 1. Slider can automatically grab an image caption from alt attribute if img is usedfrom contents of image a tag, or from element with class rsCaption inside slide tag name doesn't matter.

HTML Content Slider | RoyalSlider

Definitely a user interface problem! It does offer a lot of options to modify the slider on the good side. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed. Any changes require a lot of work. There are actually eleven templates that come with the RoyalSlider plugin, and they are an excellent start off point to creating your own sliders. Including files Slider automatically includes files only to posts where it's embedded and only of skin that is used.

More info in knowledge base. Content of caption changes before animation of slides start. Accordingly, it is difficult to figure out when to end it. It is not meant to be read. Dmitry Semenovr June 4, at If you want slider to scale height based on width, take a look at the autoScaleSlider option. Make sure that paths match locations of files.

If you want to use another video player, please check how to add another player article.

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